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Are you looking for a deep, loving, and committed relationship, one that leads to marriage? If the answer is positive, you are in good company. Most mature women look for a relationship like this.

Short affairs may be great, since getting more experience is always important. However, at some stage of your life, you expect to find the right man, “the one” for you.

Since healthy relationships are mutual, in order to find “the one”, you must be “the one” for somebody else. The best way to do so is to be irresistibly attractive to men.

Do you want to learn more about the way of life and behavior of an irresistible woman, somebody who is most likely to get a marriage proposal? If you do, you must read this article. In this article, you’ll discover:

1.      Which women are most likely to receive marriage proposals?

2.      Seven ways to become irresistibly attractive to men.

If you are looking to get married, or at least to find a long-term, loving, and committed relationship, the best way to get it is to be the woman of somebody’s dreams. As I’ve already mentioned in the 4th day lesson, men are different. However, there are some qualities that everybody likes. For instance, such qualities as independence, inner balance, and beauty can attract everyone. 

#1: Set your goals.

First of all, make your decisions and define your purposes.

Is it getting more dating experience?

Is it meeting more men, in order to learn more about your preferences?

Is it meeting your future spouse, “The One”?

Set your goals and follow them. For example, if your goal is getting married, don’t waste your time on a relationship that can’t lead to marriage. You can’t propose to him, of course, during the first date, but you shouldn’t stay in a relationship with somebody who obviously just wants to have some fun.

Adopt the behavior and terminology of a woman who is looking for a long-term relationship. Put aside all the destructive thoughts such as: “You live only once”, “Who takes no chances, does not win”, and “He’s still immature but I love him”, etc. This state of mind will not reach your goals.

Stay only in a relationship with a reasonable potential to become a long-term one. Don’t compromise on your goals.

#2: Don’t be “high–maintenance”.

If you’re looking for a spouse, don’t turn him into your rescuer. Don’t expect him to solve your personal and financial problems, or to give you a different (i.e. better) life. He is just like you: somebody who is looking for a spouse, not a rehabilitation project.

While looking for a spouse, think of the relationship as mutual. Remember the 1st day lesson? If you want attract a man, give him the sense that he needs you. Think of a value you can suggest to him. A man will see you as a “relationship material” and commit to you only if you suggest great additional value, something that can improve his quality of life. Give him support; give him your skills (if you don’t have enough skills, learn new ones); and offer enjoyable company. This way, you become much more attractive to any man.

#3: Improve your physical appearance.

Take control of your overall physical appearance, including clothes, hair, makeup, skin, body weight, muscle tone, and general health. Your physical appearance is not only a means of immediate attraction, but it is also a way to improve your self-confidence.

#4: Go out, socialize, and meet new men.

As you enlarge your social circle and the number of people you come in contact with, you can statistically raise your chances of meeting suitable men, one of whom might become your future spouse. Increasing the number of places to meet people widens your reservoir of opportunities and so strengthens your self-confidence – a must when it comes to being a desirable woman.


Keep in mind that your dating scene must match your goals and preferences. For instance, if you expect to meet somebody in a pub, be ready to work harder to make this relationship serious. For some reason, lots of people insist on treating meetings at a pub as "not serious", even if it is perfectly clear to them that the same person that was at the pub last night will be sitting in a luxurious office the next morning. 


#5: Put every new acquaintance in proportion.


You have met a new man and talked to him. That's great, and it testifies that you are on the right path -- but don't make him the center of your romantic life after just one conversation or even after several. Don’t marry him in your head. Fantasizing too much about a new man can damage you in two ways:

It can take away from enjoying the process of dating.

2. I
t can make you pushy and demanding.


Remember that he is still just an acquaintance and there is no way to know what his part will be in your dating life. Maybe he is a partner with whom you can perfect your social skills. Maybe he is only one-date material. Maybe he is a guy you can harmlessly flirt with. Maybe he is a catalyst to another man who is considering approaching you. Or maybe he is your a soul mate. Keep meeting other men and talking to them. As long as you are not in a relationship that is mutually binding, you must remain as active as possible in the dating scene.


#6: Don’t be too available.


Do not change plans in order to meet a man, except in very rare cases and when it is absolutely clear to you that he is making a lot of effort to accommodate you. Also, never wait until the evening to find out whether you’re meeting. If you haven’t planned anything in advance, make your plans and do not cancel them at his request.


Use the “two-hour rule”: Do not agree to a meeting “in two hours”. If your man is calling Saturday night to make a plan, refuse. Otherwise, he’ll be probably happy to find out that you are always available, that setting up a meeting with you can wait till the last minute. That way if something more interesting comes up you can be postponed to another time, (whenever that is, as you are always available anyway), and, if worse comes to worst) that he can do all of his errands and arrive at your place at 11:00 pm.


Refuse last minute suggestions even if you’re not busy. Believe me, if he really likes you, he’ll call earlier next time.


#7 Don’t give up your life even if you have a new partner


Sometimes a new relationship is accompanied by feelings of celebration complete with fanfare and fireworks which make you want to dump everything and dive right into the pool of love. Nevertheless, do not rush to give up your previous life. It sometimes happens that, after a few weeks of bliss, the other party might feel smothered or saturated by the relationship, and start missing his former life which will make you feel rejected. It could be you that sobers up first and finds out, to your dismay, that your life has changed completely and there’s nothing left besides the relationship. When your entire personal space is filled with a relationship, you are less attractive to your partner and less fortified against the little disappointments the relationship might cause.


In order to avoid loneliness and frustrations, it is important that you continue leading a full and interesting life in addition to what you get out of the new relationship. Do not neglect anything that was important to you before you met, whether these are hobbies, friends, classes, or sports. On the practical level, you can divide your spare time between several occupations with the encounters with your partner allocated to two/three (never more than that) evenings a week.

I would like to wish you the best of luck in finding a spouse. And don't forget to have fun on the way!



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